Dave Rixon's Cartoons

We've been searching for any of Dave Rixon's famous cartoons that captured the atmosphere and people of VT in the 1970s. Geoff Higgs has come up with "Computer Catastrophes", "Captain Colortec", "Escape from the Dungeons", "VT 2001" and “VT School Days” starring, guess who, as Head Boy - thanks Geoff. I've also added an example of Dave's "One Off" cartoons, and, from Bob Oakley, comes M.N.99. Dave Rixon himself has come up with "The Stone Age" and "The Compleat Shibber" (Shibbers Guide on the button as there was no room!).From Chris (Corky) Davies comes TMS (Tape Motion Sensor) a sort of magazine from 1978. There may be even more to come yet.... And indeed, Geoff Higgs has scoured his archives and come up with another Christmas Card!
From deepest Pembrokeshire Chris Williams (ex OBs) has sent what are probably the last set of cartoons - there are some that even Dave Rixon can't remember! These were very old photocopies indeed, so some bits are rather thin! The pictures are as large as I dare, so, apologies for any scroll bars that might appear!