Amid all the reminiscences and memories, there was one constant factor and that was the machinery that we all operated and maintained. The menu below (look familiar?) leads to departments detailing the Hardware of videotape, the machines, their sales brochures, the tapes and all the ancillary bits & pieces.
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Another aspect of the complex equipment that was a videotape machine and its ancillary equipment were the manufacturer’s manuals. However, since none of the machines, as built, did exactly what the operationa lengineers wanted, there evolved a vast number of Machine Modifications - these were all detailed and issued as Videotape Modification Details, MD for short, and numbered. Hopefully we will be able to publish them all herer, but to start the ball rolling, Clive McCarthy has scanned MD49 which deals with Electronic Editor and Editec modification. (as usual it is in Adobe Acrobat format)