The Credits
VT Calendar for 1976 This is not intended to be a full list of members of BBC Videotape over the last 50 years (makes you feel old!), but if you see inconsistencies, glaring errors or missing names, please let me know - you will find an e-mail link on the Introduction page. To make it easier to find names I have indexed them in alphabetical order. Just click on the link at the bottom of the frame to get to the correct page. Additional information (biogs, notes etc) is available if there is a green tick in the 'where now?' field. A popup window will display the details. So send me any information you would like posted! The Friends button links to the list of Friends & Associates - all those other people we worked with (or despite!)
You may remember the next calendar where we all got to wear school caps. Geoff Higgs has supplied me with a copy (below). Click on the picture for a bigger version. Also, unfortunately for some, I have recently discovered a few of the negatives ... click on Caps link and see some old faces! I have also provided a link to Al Dixon's article from 1994 explaining where we all went!
Contact information has been moved and a little security added - follow Contacts link below.
Sadly we have lost quite a few friends and colleagues over the years and I felt it would be appropriate to add some obituaries where available. Original sources credited where available.
Following the great exodus of June 2009, Denis Wyatt has collected a Post Production Scroll of Honour of those who left.

VT Calendar 1979