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October 28, 2013 - 12:47 PM
Bob Harrison

  I am involved in a new book titled Rock on the Radio. I am trying to contact Ed Wooden or any others in VT who worked on the stereo editing for "sight and sound in concert" in the 70's and 80's
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July 08, 2012 - 10:27 PM
Gary Beeson

  Nice site. I was the founder of Convergence Corp and the ECS editing line. Sorry for those tough days where many of you labored over my hardware trying to keep it cool so it would not re-boot or burn the place down. It certainly was the stone age compared to where the technology is today. Thanks for the memories -
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July 08, 2012 - 12:26 PM
Paul Vanezis

  I'm sure I've posted in the guest book before but can find no trace. I worked in Birmingham VT from 1990 to 1996; I can still operate a VR-2000, by best friend in the old MFA transferring tapes for Telly Addicts and Pebble Mill.

Around 1994 Peter Francis loaned me two of his old tapes he'd kept in his attic since the early 1970's. One was an insert tape for an arts programme called 'T" "he Reel'," "the second," a cl assi cal music doc and the "third," a 90 min ute p lay ent itl ed ' Hassan "', starr" ing John Gi elgu d and Ralp h Richards on . The l ast two progra mm es had been wiped by t "he beeb, but" Pete r had kep t pe rso nal c op ie s.

Thank fu lly th ese da ys th er e is a m ore enligh tene d att itud e to arc hivi ng an d t "he transfers I did of Peters tapes are safely back in the archive, now at Perivale. I also transferred John Sarson's tapes for him which included the 'rushes' of the 1979 Christmas VT tape, material with Peter Woods. I think that was recorded by Grant! Anyone else got anything lying about?

I left VT in 1996 and became a producer/director, but I'm VT/Post Production at heart. It's the final BBC Birmingham Post Production get together in November as it is closing finally :-(


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July 08, 2012 - 11:55 AM
Simon Smalley

  Looking for any 16mm prints of doctor who from 1964-1968 that may be part of film collection. Many Thnaks.
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June 27, 2012 - 11:34 AM
Martin Dodwell

  Just revisited this lovely site - I was "there" 1964-69 during my TA19 course. The videos of videotape are very nostalgic, as are the pictures of Telecine where I ended up. I left the Beeb in 1969 to join London Weekend but those BBC days were a great experience. Retired now, after moving to Wales in 1971. Please keep up the good work.
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May 05, 2012 - 11:01 PM
Neil Pittaway

  I'm still here Martin if you've got the machines and programme.
You're so right...why did we let technology move us away from the magic of those days....
Good to see you are still up ands running.
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May 04, 2012 - 11:49 PM
Martin L Bell

  Ah, happy days! I still maintain that the fastest way to edit videotape was with two machines, two blokes, and two chinagraph pencils. Oh, and a Studer and piece of something to "card out" audio edits!

Come back Neil Pittaway, all is forgiven!!
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April 25, 2012 - 06:37 PM
jim http://|~

  Just been looking at the pictures of Lime Grove. I joined the BBC in 1987, and moved to the Grove in 1988 working in the press cuttings library (News Information). Seeing the pictures brought back some fond (i.e. the Club & the Bush Ranger pub) and not so fone (i.e. teh tea bar on the ground floor & the canteen) memories! Still working for the Beeb (for my sins!). Keep up the good work! Jim
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April 25, 2012 - 05:44 PM
Iain Harkness

  Great trip down memory lane. We had some good toys to play with. 33 years of VT this year....unfortunately it's not VT any it's Files!
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March 21, 2012 - 01:45 PM
Tony Crake

  I think we may have corresponded before.. I am nothing to do with VT in historical sense! If I google myself I am let to pictures of "me" on
TA Course 17 which I was'nt on ! Did you have a Tony Crake on VT? I was on TA15 (transmitters) In any case the person you have labelled as Tony Crake is not me !
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