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April 09, 2006 - 08:14 PM
Keith Palmer

Love the site.

I joined the BBC as an Engineer in 1978, aged 22, and later moved to VT operations.

In 1989 I “eventually” became an Editor at BBC Elstree mainly Editing “Top of the pops, EastEnders Revealed, Mastermind, First Sight” - then 11 years later moved to Marylebone High Street, Editing “Inside Out.”
In 2005 (gone grey and aged 49 but still smiling) I took the redundancy" offer and went freela "nce," and I am now wor king for Talkba ck Thames on “ Pul ling St ring s” for BBC1 - I also wo rk for "HSBC, and" give trai ni ng at a loc al College - st ill getting used to freelancing thou gh . < br>I d ea rly miss t he "BBC," and would l ove to hear from an yone w ho rem embers me.
I bet I c ould sti ll op era te an EECO VR2000 suite or TR70 - could you?
Let me know

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