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April 01, 2006 - 07:59 AM
Denis Casserly

I started work at CBC TV in Toronto September 1966 the month they went to colour TV. We had 4 Ampex 1000's and 6 2000's. We used to physically edit 90 minute TV drama shows some had 150 edits in them no breakups. A 90 minute tape weighed about 36 pounds. We had Editec electronic editors too and they had an animate feature in them. I taught myself how to animate video to music. I ended up doing a cou" ple openin g billboards for som e p rogressive produce rs maki ng public af fa irs sho ws. CB C neve r wanted to promo te the animation abilities b ec ause ther e were qui te a few parasitic film production ho uses t hat fed o ff th e Cor po ra tion. The studi os ha d M arconi Mark 4 and P hi lips Plumb icon came ras. I f ooli shly w ent to CFTO TV 2 years later what a nightmare that was only lasted 11 weeks and called it quits. After that I worked in CTV network office in Toronto hired on as quality control technician in master control and I knew I was colour blind but needed a job and they were dozy enough to hire me. The place was another joke though and I never did see anything that even came close to the quality and performance of the CBC after that.

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