Lime Grove
Lime Grove is the one place we have really ignored in the story of BBCVT. It was here it all began, before the Television Centre was opened, and so it should be remembered. These pages will expand as, and when, we remember more about the areas there!
To start off, there are five items (hopefully many more to follow). Firstly, there is a rough plan of the areas, more as a memory jogger than a definitive item, and also there's a shortened version of "Late Night Dropout", a precursor to the Christmas Tapes of the next decade, which was shot in 1967 using the vidicon ident cameras that had just been installed in the area. This should provide some visual clues as the the layout of the machines.
We also have an amazing photographic record of the demolition of Lime Grove in 1993. The pictures in these seven galleries chronicle the demolition of the "Grove" and were taken by Nigel Finnis under quite extreme conditions - he certainly has a good head for heights. I must thank Nigel for sharing them with us.
Recently John Crane has discovered an old copy of a Blue Peter item, made at the time of the demolition, which shows the Gaumont time capsule being recovered from the building during the demolition. John is featured in TK as they play the (very) old film that was buried in the capsule. Editing aficionados please note the judicious cutaways as the state of the (nitrate) film was examined!!! As ever with pieces like this, we hope we do not offend anyone by using it as an historical record of an important occasion. Finally, in Lime Grove Telecine, we have some film shot by Lawford Thomas in the 1960s of Lime Grove TK and some stills from the film.