Film Recording
Television Centre Basement 1962
FR11, 12, 13, 14 These were installed in cubicles which would shortly become VT1, VT2, VT9, VT10 .
Each cubicle had one 16mm. Marconi Fast Pull Down channel installed. This recorded both fields, but missed some six lines at top and bottom of each picture. This allowed 1.8ms. for the camera to pull down and steady the film. This pull down time made heavy demands on the gearbox which was designed to allow easy replacement.
TK and FR shared a strong Mechanical Maintenance GroupTheir services and equipment were also very much appreciated in the car maintenance field!!, with well equipped workshops in LG and TVC.
The dry dark room was located in the space to become VT11.
Development of dedicated Film Recording Area at Television Centre
Area 60 under TC6 , which had been used as a furniture store, was allocated to Film Recording in 1963. This left videotape to expand in Area 80 (later known as Recording Area 1).
Existing Marconi ‘Fast Pull Down’ (sometimes referred to as ‘Quick Pull Down’) channels were moved to Area 60 (later known as Recording Area 2) together with new ones and filled cubicles FR20 to FR26. The recordings were mainly used for ‘Transcription Unit’ to sell abroad. They were sometimes used for low budget programme transmission such as Playschool.
FR 22
Yes – this is FR22 which recorded many Playschools and Playschool stories. The glass window visible on the right was used as the supervisory base. The room later housed an off-line edit suite. The local mechanical workshop was located to the right of the clock at the back. The first programme on BBC2 was ‘Playschool’ at 11.00am. on Tuesday, April 21st 1964. The planned opening the previous evening was thwarted by a fire in the cable ducting from Battersea power station, placing West London in darkness.
One engineer was often allocated to a particular cubicle for the day. There was sometimes just one booking which may be Late Night Line Up at 2300 hrs. or so. This could mean more than 2 hrs. overtime as everyone nominally worked 0930 – 2130 .
FR21 (from Mike Turner)
FR20 (from Mike Turner)
Squeaking the Sepmag (from Mike Turner)
Mag bays
Sepmag Bays (from Mike Turner)