This picture from David Kinrade - TA course no 31 (Regions)

TA31 Regions

Left to Right
Back Row:

Mike Tancock, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Tony Smith
Front Row:
?, ?, Bob Lassiter, Colin Burkill, ?, ?, ?, ?

Mike Tancock and Bob Lassiter went to Bristol BH; Colin Burkill was posted to Plymouth and then several years later he too ended up in Bristol (VT Editor) and Tony Smith was sent to Manchester.

As a postscript, a group of them went out for a drink the night before their final exam and on the way back to Wood Norton managed to roll the vehicle they were travelling in. The most seriously injured were hospitalised and consequently missed the exam the following morning, but passed anyway based on their course work, while the rest of us had to sweat it out.

David Kinrade. (eventually working as a Technical Manager in Regional TV up until early retirement in 2002)