This picture from Cliff White - Junior PTA1 October 13th 1958

Junior PTA1 1958

Back Row,  Left to Right

Osborne J.F.V.P., James F.A.F., Lock R.C.,  Pulford R.C., Howse D.J., Cranefield D.H., Williams M.B.,  Brindley A.J.,     Bird P.

Middle Row,  Left to Right

Dunmall D.R., Mount D.J.,  Hiscox R.E.,  Lewis R., Lawson J.L.,  Bartlett M.J., Wynne J.W.,  Vigar A.J.  Palmer J.A
Front Row,  Left to Right

Thomas D.P.,  Tristem D.J.,  Gittins R.W., Hussey A.G., White C.J., Mead P.E.J.