This picture from Steve Rowsell - A55 in July 1978

Back row from left to right:
D Slingsby (Terminated), M Swain, G Todd (Birmingham), J Willis (Belfast)
Middle row:
N Meadwell, R Pickering (Terminated), D Purdham (Glasgow), S Rowsell (Cardiff), G Russell (Cardiff)
Front row:
N Barnes, A Best, M Brown, M Devareux, G Fry, N Godden (Resigned at end of course)

A55 in September 2008

A55 September 2008

Steve Rowsell writes:
As I mentioned to you earlier in the year I organised a reunion for the 'Old Boys' from A55 this month to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Of the original 12 who completed the course I managed to get nine of us back together (no mean feat!) for an overnighter at Wood Norton Hall last Saturday (September 13th).

Back row from left to right:
Martin Swain, Neil Barnes, Steve Rowsell, Graham Todd and Joe Willis
Front row:
Andy Best, Martin Brown, Martin Devereux, Gary Fry

Only Martin Brown and Graham are still employed by the BBC. Joe and Neil are with Siemens and the rest of us are staff/freelance at various other places.
We had a very hospitable reception at what was the BBC club in Evesham and Jamie (the manager) has mentioned that all old boys are more than welcome.
The staff at WN Hall were also very accommodating and a good time was had by all.....even the weather stayed fine! We plan to get together again in 5 years time and hope that we loose no one else in the meantime. Craig Russell sadly passed away in 2005.

A55 in September 2013
A55 2013
Steve Rowsell writes:
The A55 Old Boys got together once again for their 35th anniversary re-union at the Wood Norton Hotel on Saturday September 7th 2013. Sadly Martin Swain and Martin Deveraux were unable to attend but the remaining seven of us met at St. Ecgwins, (formally the BBC Club) High Street, Evesham lunchtime where we were warmly welcomed. Following a stroll around the Town Centre we then retired to the Wood Norton Hotel for dinner, bed and breakfast. Wood Norton is now a four star hotel and can be highly recommended. We all had a very enjoyable time reminiscing about the old days, but we were all somewhat saddened to see the current dilapidated state of the former accommodation blocks and the Phoenix.

Back row from left to right:
Steve Rowsell, Graham Todd, Joe Willis
Front row from left to right:
Neil Barnes, Andy Best, Martin Brown, Garry Fry

Incidentally, Martin Brown is the last member of A55 still employed as a staff member by the BBC We plan on meeting again in 2018 for the fortieth reunion.

A55 in September 2018
Steve Rowsell writes:
Eight of the original fifteen members of A55 (24/07/78 – 13/10/78) were reunited for their 40th Anniversary at Wood Norton on Saturday 1st Sept 2018. As in previous years the group met for lunch at St Ecgwins (the old BBC Club) in Evesham and were given a warm welcome by Alex the Manager. Following a stroll around Evesham, which has changed remarkably little since 1978, we travelled to the Wood Norton Hotel to check in. Later that afternoon Joe Willis, the last member of A55 still employed by the BBC (Martin Brown having just retired from BBC News after 40 years service) had arranged a tour of ETD (now known as the BBC Academy) where the traditional group photograph was taken in front of Bredon Wing.

Back row from left to right:
Martin Swain, Steve Rowsell, Joe Willis
Front row from left to right:
Neil Barnes, Andy Best, Martin Brown, Martin Devereux, Garry Fry

Sadly since our last reunion in 2013 Graham Todd had succumbed to cancer and we raised a glass to honour his memory at dinner that evening. The staff at the Hotel made our stay very enjoyable and it was interesting to see that the entire lower part of the site where the A, B, C, and D dormitories, the Wardens Flat, and the Ashbridge accommodation blocks were situated along with the Phoenix Club have all now been demolished and in their place a large retirement village has been constructed. Should you be tempted, prices start at £307,000 for a one bedroom flat!