This picture from Bob Oakley - TA15

Not a lot of luck with most of the faces, but:-
Front row:
?, Bob Oakley, ?,?,?,?, Nigel Phillips, ?
and, is that Martin Peters second from the right in the middle row?

Also, from Nigel Phillips,
Middle row: 6th from left is George Martin and extreme right is Arthur Chesterman

and, from Roger Tone,
Middle row: 5th from left could well be D.R. (Dave) Whitaker

From Phillip Hallinan
Front row: 1st from left Russ Pipe (went on to be station engineer at ITN), 3rd from left John Rogers (went on to be Chief Engineer at Yorkshire TV)
Back Row:
5th from left Phillip Hallinan (now retired, ex OB supervisor HTV)