BB Club in Evesham
MovieAs well as the lectures, there was time to enjoy the ambience of Wood Norton and the BBC Club. To relive(!) those days, click on the icon on the right for a short clip from mute film shot by Mark Kershaw in 1970.
BBC Club 1964
Eddie Wheaton has sent these two pictures of the BBC Club in Evesham. He explains:-
“ This was originally a postcard and I have an A4 photocopy of the original signed by the artist and dated 1964, before I joined in '65. In my small circle of friends 4 of us met our wives at the club, 3 were local girls and my wife was a nurse in Worcester. I recall that the local lads did not like the BBC lads getting all the best girls! Philip (my son) tells me that the sign outside says it was formally the BBC Club. ”
BBC Club 2009

This image of the Club was taken by Eddie's son on his mobile phone! It should bring back many, many memories.............. Apparently it split from the official BBC Club many years ago, but was able to retain the BBC name. But recently, someone within the BBC decided that this use of the BBC "brand" was no longer acceptable, and after a bit of a battle the club had no choice but to stop using that name.
It's now called St Ecgwins PMC (private members club) - possibly the house was originally called St Ecgwins. Mark Hennessy (Engineering Lecturer at Wood Norton) adds “There is still automatic temporary membership for BBC Club members attending a course, something I always make a point of mentioning during course introductions. You or any of your audience would be very welcome indeed! ”