This section pulls together the story of VERA, the Bing Crosby VTR and the Ampex VTR that would become the VR1000 we all knew so well.

I always used to say it all began with Adolf Hitler! One of the major incentives towards magnetic tape development in the 1930s was Hitler's desire for the point of origin of his broadcasts to be indeterminate. With wire and disc it was all too obvious if he was live or recorded - tape was the answer.
In 1945 the victorious Allies brought back the secret of magnetic tape - many of you will have heard the late Dennis Main Wilson's tales during edit sessions - and the 1950s saw the race to develop video recording.
Finally, “Introducing Videotape” is a clip from a TV programme in 1958, possibly “This Week”, introduced by the late Ludovic Kennedy, which is a quad version of “VERA on Panorama” which you can see in the VERA section.