I couldn't resist including this picture.

Tim Blackam (of Location Technical Facilities) very kindly loaned me his IV-S's and a rare
unmarked SNN for the weekend - for inclusion in the site - so here we have a fairly high
concentration of Swiss 'glittering engineering'.

Clockwise from the front:
A very early version Nagra SNN miniature recorder, a Stellavox SU8 film sound recorder, a
Nagra IV-SJ (NQS-JC) recording sound level meter, a Nagra IV-S (NQS-TCC) film sound
recorder with time code, and a Late model Nagra SNN miniature recorder.

This image also rather nicely shows that the Stellavox was significantly more compact than the
equivalent Nagra recorder.

Injection moulded plastic had been invented for quite a while, but the makers of these machines
just didn't bother using it much...
Some Swiss Portable Tape Recorders