The 1960s
The 1990s was an era of great change. Many 'old' faces disappeared and new techniques and disciplines came into use. Offline editing evolved from using VHS machines to the sophisticated 'non'linear' systems of today, freeing the editor once and for all from the constraints of the machines themselves.
It also marked the arrival of digital formats. D3, first used on a major sporting event during the Winter Olympics of 1992, came of age in Barcelona at the Summer Olympics in the same year.
The menu below will take you to various aspects of Television Recording in the 1990s and beyond

  The development of Television Centre
  The new Post Production Centre in Stage V
  A look at the Basement in 1991 (includes video)
  Winter Olympics in Stage V (includes video)
  The machines of the early 1990s
  Offline grows up
  The Basement at the end
  The last Quad
  VT Golf Team in 1993
  Where did they go?
  John Sarson visits a deserted Pebble Mill (includes video)
  An immaculate VR1000 pictured in a museum
  Mobile VT in the 1990s