The 1970s
The 1970s was the decade of consolidation and change for the BBC and Television Recording. It was the decade in which the growth of outside facilities houses began and, as a result, the exodus of Television Recording engineers and editors changed the face of the Department.
Timecode editing became the norm, offline editing grew from an experiment to become the way forward. VT reorganised with Senior Recording Engineers, record pairs and transmission suites. The Ampex HS100 video disc became the device for slow motion. By the end of the decade, the end was in site for the old quad format we had grown up with and the brave new world of helical scan was about to come to an edit suite near you. It was also the decade of the Christmas Tapes and Television Recording staff travelled to New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Germany on foreign operations for Sports Department.
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  The development of Television Centre
  How the Basement videotape area grew
  Sport was a major user of VT from day one
  VT's sporting heroes
  VT's sporting heroes
  A look at the VT machines of the 1970s
  TK at Lime Grove & TC by Bill Tucker
  The shape of things to come
  Photographs of cubicles
  Photographs of people in VT
  Cast your mind back to the Shift 2 outings!
  The decade of the HS100
  An article in BBC Engineering by Geoff Higgs (1973)
  An article by Don McGregor & Derek Fawcitt (1973)
  VT Control the movie
  Who can forget it?
  Swap Shop visits VT
  Mobile VT in the 1970s
  Type 2 CMCR Brochure